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Browse the fantastic vehicles Campervan Village have available for you next adventure. Whether you're looking for a a luxurious 4WD or a couples campervan, you'll find it here. Our friendly team of rental professional offers a wide range of vehicles. With Campervan Village you can be sure you'll have the right vehicle for your next holiday.


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Mystery Machine 2-Seater

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D5 4X4 Adventure Camper

Johnny Feelgood

New Zealand

Campervan Options in Australia and New Zealand


Australia beckons adventurers with its diverse landscapes, and what better way to explore it than with our range of exceptional campervans!

Our rugged Grip 4x4 campers are a robust choice perfect for traversing the Australian outback. Equipped with dual rooftop tents, it offers comfort for up to five travelers, ensuring you experience the wilderness in style. For those seeking a more compact adventure, the Aventus 2 presents an affordable option. This automatic camper, suitable for two, boasts a cozy rear kitchen and a comfortable interior dining area.

Next in line will be our Desert Sands 4x4, the ultimate off-road companion. Launched in March 2024 and tailored for those who demand the best in off-road capabilities with all the best gear, dual hardshell rooftop tents and plenty more - it promises an unparalleled outback experience.

And for those who equate road trips with freedom, our Johnny Feelgood is a comfortable and stylish campervan that won't disappoint. Designed for two, it's a perfect blend of luxury and functionality, with its solar kit, fridge, and a stylish and comfortable interior.

New Zealand:

Explore New Zealand's pristine landscapes and vibrant cities with our Aventus 2 is a no-fuss, self-contained campervan. This model, tailored for NZ roads and certified self-contained is equipped with a rear kitchen, interior toilet, plenty of storage, and it's absolutely perfect for a solo adventure or couple's getaway.

Booking with Campervan Village:

Campervan Village offers generous kilometre allowances, and unlimited kilometre packages in some regions, ensuring that you're not counting miles but making memories. With an array of features from solar panels, kitchenettes, cookware and refrigeration, to modern safety features and additional USB charging ports, we aim to combine adventure with comfort and convenience. We've put together a selection catering to both the rugged explorer and the laid-back, casual traveler. By choosing to hire with us, you're not just getting a vehicle; you're getting experience, adventure, and the promise of a journey like no other.

Join us, and get ready for the road trip of a lifetime!