The Top 10 Campervan Stops Around Hobart

Welcome to Hobart, the biggest city and the capital of Tasmania - from here, you will want to explore all the natural wonders Tasmania has to offer with your campervan such as some incredible coastline, big untouched National Park, the Southern Aurora Australia and the Sea Sparkle. Make sure to stop at Campervan Village depot and hire a campervan 2WD or 4WD for your adventure. Tasmania is a big island and it’s hard to make a top 10 lists with so much wonderful place to see. But, here’s ten things worth to do and visit in and around Hobart.


1. Freycinet National Park

The beauty of the Freycinet National Park will be hard to forget - from the white beaches to the turquoise sea and the Hazard Ranges, this location will feel like paradise. One of Tasmania’s most photographed spot is at Wineglass Bay lookout and can be access via a short scramble trail - Wineglass Bay is also one of the top 10 beaches in the world! At Freycinet National Park, there is plenty of another walking track available, so you can stay there with your campervan and spend days exploring this place.


2. Mount Wellington, Hobart

Only 20 minutes’ drive away from Hobart, the Wellington Park give you access to a sanctuary right on Hobart’s doorstep. With his towers at 1271m of altitude, the view is unbelievable. You can easily drive all the way to the summit with your campervan on a sealed road or you can climb to the summit - there’s no better place to go for a spectacular view of the Greater Hobart area.


3. Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Only 90-minute drive south of Hobart, the Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs is a place to discover spectacular subterranean formation and finish your day in a natural warm thermal pool - the pool temperature stay around 28 degrees Celsius, a very enjoyable temperature. The reserve give access to picnic and barbeque area but there is no camping spot. However, around the reserve there’s a few camping locations for your campervan.


4. Salamanca Market, Hobart

With the vibrant ambiance, directly at the heart of the historic Hobart, the Salamanca Place is a picturesque place and a favourite location for locals and visitors. Every week, an outdoor market occurs at the Salamanca bringing more life, sounds and smells to Hobart’s waterfront. If it’s Saturday and you’re in town, be sure to stop at the market for some fresh food.


5. Mt Field National Park & Russel Falls

As one of the most loved Tasmania’s national parks, Mt Field National Park offer a wide variety of scenic view, majestic falls and wildlife encounters. One of the popular track lead to the famous Russel Falls, the incredible walk through the fern forest is well worth-it. Just over an hour’s drive from Hobart, bring your campervan there and enjoy this wonderful park at your own pace.


6. Strathgordon Dam (2 hours from Hobart)

One of the best drive to do in Tasmania with your newly hire campervan is the drive from Hobart to the Strathgordon region. This 2-hr drive will lead to the Gordon Dam, an impressive 140 metres high man-made structure that will leave you breathless. There’s plenty of activity to do in the region such as hiking and kayaking but for the adrenaline junkies, it is possible to abseil down the Gordon Dam (but that’s not an easy task).


7. Tasman Peninsula

Spectacular coastline and home of a world heritage listed convict sites, the Tasman Peninsula will appeal to everyone. An easy and pretty 70 min drive from Hobart, you’ll have the chance to visit the Blowhole, the Tasman Arch, the Remarkable Cave and their newly addition, the Three Capes Track. Even more, you will be able to learn from one of the most important heritage and tourist destinations as is the Port Arthur. Make sure to make a stop in the Tasman Peninsula -also, there’s campground right outside the park for your campervan if you are planning to stay more than a day.


8. Bruny Island

Renowned for his variety of wildlife, Bruny Island is a coastal destination with countless of beaches and freshwater fishing spot - the island is accessible by ferry from the town of Kettering, only 35 minutes south from Hobart. There’s a lot of walking trail, and if you are looking for water activities, you will easily find something for you. If you like quiet and peaceful place, then come to the Bruny Island and stay a few days in this paradisiac setting.


9. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

A visit in Tasmania is not complete without seeing a Tasmanian Devils, there iconic animal - what better to this then in a sanctuary that have for a mission to look after those animals and preserve the Tasmanian wildlife. For many animal, Tasmania is a last refuge and Bonorong Sanctuary want to make sure that these animals have a survival chance. Just 30 minutes north from Hobart, it’s a well invested experience - you will even see koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils, free-roaming kangaroos, and more.


10. MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)

If you are interested in art and antiquities, Hobart region is home of Australia’s largest private museum, the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) - describes by its owner as a “subversive adult Disneyland”, MONA have around 300 art work on display and the collection takes up to three floors. It’s guaranteed to be an impressive experience, so drive north from the Campervan Village and visit this modern masterpiece.


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