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Campervan Hire Melbourne

You can expect to pay between $60 - $140 per day, depending on availability and season. For more accurate pricing, get an instant quote online or contact our friendly travel team.

Campervan Village offers discounted rates for longer hires, with potential savings of up to 15% on the daily rate. Booking your campervan early is also recommended, as prices can rise due to higher demand.

Melbourne's climate is changeable, but spring and autumn are generally pleasant for campervan rentals. Summers can be hot, and winters are quite chilly.

Explore Melbourne's laneways, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, and experience the vibrant arts and food scene. Don't forget to take the magnificent drive along the Great Ocean Road.

A regular car license is sufficient to drive a campervan in Australia. We also accept valid international licenses. If your license is not in English, consider obtaining a translation for travel within the country.

To rent a campervan, you must have a valid driver's license and be over 18 years old. Certain models, like our 4WD campers, may require drivers to be over 21 years old.

Yes, we offer one-way hires between all of our locations, including Melbourne. Please note that minimum hire periods and relocation fees may apply.

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Places to check out around Melbourne

Graffiti marked allyway with blue bicycle in the foreground

Bluestone Laneway

Melbourne is the cultural capital city of Australia and you can clearly see it while walking in the street. The city recognises the importance of street art in contributing to the urban culture - one of the most famous laneway for street art is the bluestone laneway, a perfect place to strolled around for a few hours and watch the art work.

Brightly coloured beach boxes on the beach under a blue sky

Brighton Beach Boxes

A very popular photo spot in Melbourne is the Brighton Beach Boxes. Located in Port Phillip Bay, a row of 82 uniformly proportioned wooden structures makes for great scenery to the Brighton seaside - it will be hard not take a picture.

Steam train on a track through the forest in the Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenong Ranges is a set of mountain ranges, mostly of rolling hills and covered in think temperate rainforest, and only located 35 km east of Melbourne. This location is a great day trip destination with plenty of place to see with your campervan and activities to do, such as: Hiking in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the Japanese Mountain Retreat, the Cool Climate gardens and the Puffing Billy Railway.

Cityscape with a focus on the Eureka Tower in Melbourne

Eureka Tower

One of the best view of Melbourne would have to be from his highest tower, and good news, the Eureka Tower Skydeck is accessible to the public. For a small rate, you can access to the top floor and see the whole Melbourne region.

Iconic view of the Great Ocean Road with the Twelve Apostles in the background

Great Ocean Road

The next destination is the one of the most popular route in Australia, the Great Ocean Road. Famous for his scenic coastal drives, this 243-km long road will bring you up close to native wildlife, and take in pristine rainforest, hazy waterfalls and iconic surf destination. Cape Otway, Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Walk are some of the highlights of the trip.

Orangutans swinging in a zoo enclosure

Visit Melbourne's Zoo's

For the wildlife lover, the region of Melbourne offer plenty of attraction to learn about the animal in a respectful area. So, you have the choice, a big zoo with more than 300 species and a lot of walking to do, a more safari kind of place where the African animals walks in vast exhibit, and the last one where the focus is on educating the visitor on conservation and helping the Australian wildlife.

Wave crashing on a rocky shore with green hills in the foreground

Phillip Island

For our first destination, a must see and visit is the Phillip Island. On this beautiful island situated 90 minutes south-east of Melbourne, you will have the chance to encounter Koala, Whales and most importantly, the cute Little Penguin. Furthermore, Phillip Island offer great area to camp your campervan - Plenty of hiking trail and surf location for the adventurer.

Overhead view of the lush Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens

I always say that the heart of a city can be find in his botanical garden and for Melbourne, this saying is totally true. This 38 hectares gardens is home of 8,500 different plant species - The Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne is an inner-city oasis. Before getting your van (or after dropping it) at Campervan Village depot, make sure to have a look at this beautiful place.

Opened mouth of Luna Park entry in St Kilda, Melbourne

St Kilda Beach

From the beach to Luna Park, St Kilda is Melbourne’s favourite beachside playground. Situated only 6km from the city, the outdoors activities, the Nightlife & Live Music, the markets, and the joyfulness of St. Kilda make this place a perfect getaway on your campervan trip.

Scenic view of the Yarra Valley with hot air balloons in the sky

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is a scenic wonderland for camping adventurer - surrounded by rainforest and range of mountains, this wine growing area keep some hidden gem that just wait to be discover. Plenty of hiking trail that lead to rivers and mystic waterfall await you and your campervan.